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What you mean is basically deep subjectivism

Posted by: Quincunx on November 01, 1999 at 13:57:15:

In Reply to: Sorry to confuse you--I meant Marxism. posted by DonS on October 31, 1999 at 17:38:04:


: Don: In fact, I've used some very specific arguments: that Granada was used by the communists to train terrorists who then spread violence throughout Central America; that the mass graves of some of the victims of the Sandistas were found in 1990; that the Marxist terrorists in El Salvador threatened people to keep them from voting in the election; and that the Marxist terrorists lied about the source of at least some of their weapons (proven by the serial numbers). I remember all these things from when they happened.

Qx: Now that you remember it should be of note that those assertions have been either refuted or challenged right here on this bulletin board. You haven't provided evidence and even if you did a URL hyperlink to this forum I doubt it will stand up to serious enquiry.

: : DS: I'm fully aware that reason can't solve all of our problems. It does work well for specific problems, say getting men to the moon,

: : Qx: Yes, that dumb prestige project.

: Don: Or designing an airliner. Perhaps you should shop around for an airliner that was designed *without* reason.

Qx: Designing an airliner eh? How about those Airbus jets that operate on swivel sticks instead of having a steering wheel? Faith in computerization can be pretty onerous. So can faith in free trade but it can many optimistic about their shopping prospects.

: : DS: or increasing the productivity of a farm,

: : Qx: Monsanto and other multinationals generally like that idea also.

: Don: So do all the people modern US farms feed worldwide.

Qx: And at what cost?Also, by using the word "modern" do you mean

: : DS: or improving the quality of medical care.

: : Qx: How about those HMOs eh?

: Don: HMOs resulted from government programs to pay for medical care. It is indeed a failure, the type of failure typical when governments try to plan and regulate industry. It is fact a good example the the consequences of applying centralized planning.

Qx: Yes indeed. It's applied centralized planning at the behest of the insurance industry which itself is in the business of selling fear and exists solely to make profits.

: Don: Modern medicine nevertheless is very good--because reason was used to improve medical care.

Qx: Modern medicine is very good if you don't mind paying extremely high medical bills. That's the American way but the rest of the world knows better. So much for compassion.

: Don: Sorry to confuse you--I meant Marxism. I should have been more careful, since it's clear you have trouble with ideas even when they are spelled out for you.

Qx: Actually not but it sure is fun to get you going. Especially when you don't answer the question. Please provide evidence for your assertion. I recommend starting another thread up top so everybody can have a crack at it.

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