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You're kidding, right?

Posted by: bill on November 01, 1999 at 14:16:03:

In Reply to: Would anybody like to try actually READING the Communist Manifesto before creating an angry website?!? posted by Aleph on October 31, 1999 at 17:35:28:

: Please stop comparing Communism to democracy.

We're not. We are comparing capitalism with alternatives - such as communism.

Any first year economics textbooks would tell you that you can't legitimately compare an economic system (communism) and a political system ( democracy).

So? But then perhaps it is YOU who are confused. Are you equating capitalism with democracy?

: Unless you want to end up like another Russia, get your facts straight BEFORE you start the grass-roots takeover, please.

I don't want to be unkind, but for Christ sake - go read a book!
Or better yet, since you seem to be an "expert" on the Communist Manifesto, you could pick a paragraph or two and point out all the "factual" errors. (that is, if you've actually read it)

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