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I wasnt there I didnt support them I dont apologise for them

Posted by: Lark on November 01, 1999 at 14:20:53:

In Reply to: mad bastard dive...? posted by Frenchy on October 29, 1999 at 11:01:36:

: And I doubt if you have taken the time to really understand what I have to say. The things that are meaningful to me, you scoff at.

What the fuck do you mean?!! You have said nothing of worth whatsoever, I dont see anything about anything other than endless pointless posts about look, this is the statistics Hitler, Stalin, Mao killed this many people which means shit to me as I've said.

I wasnt there I didnt support them I dont apologise for them, they arent the left I'm part of, so what have you to say beyond this churning of nonsense? And when did I scoff exactly, as I said I tried to give you the benefit of the doubt and all I can see in return is endless political intolerance and prejudice.

: Why do you expect me to not respond in kind?

Well it would perhaps explain you behaviour if I'd scoffed at everything you beleive in other than you assuming I did, that's prejudice, or perhaps my very existance with my differing views is intolerable to you.

: The problem, as I see it, is that Socialist/Communist/Liberal/Greens is that they insist that everyone agree with their premises and definitions.

The fuck?! I dont for a start there are a host of posts to the effect that I dont, I believe in free, unprejudiced, tolerant, politics above all else that requires disagreement and it makes me happy that there isnt a colourless consensus in everything, on the other hand there is the generalising, prejudiced and intolerant approach to politics demonstrated well by your posts.

:We have to see the world in terms of class, not individuals with differing capacities.

I think you'll find that if your going to make that assertion that I once again must be the exception because I've made post time and again about how class isnt as relevant as it once was and been accused of being unsocialist as a result, a prejudice that I challenged just as I'm challenging yours.

:We have to agree with the labor theory of value, not people who act cooperatively each seeking his own benefit.

I dont ask you to agree to it, just the socialist concept of "people who act cooperatively each seeking his/her own benefit"

:We have to agree that the State has responsibilities that personal experience shows can be handled by the individual.

What is the state if it isnt an aggregate of individuals? By the way the trains in britain and the health service in America show that individuals can do nothing of benefit for the public or common good.

:Comments about the illusion of the 'rugged individual' then follow, always in a condescending tone.

Really? I have nothing against rugged individualism possessive and selfish individualism maybe. However since this is prejudice not boren out in fact, why should I care?

: You are wed to your convictions, I am equally wed to mine. Why is it, then, that it is the Capitalists who brought about this 'mad bastard dive'?

I am willing to see my convictions challenged and accept the views of others and debate them with genuine interest, Gees being a good example, however when some red neck roles in with nothing other than prejudice and recycled statistics and seems to hear absolutely nothing I say at all but continues to push dogmatic quasi-religious belifes then I'd call that a mad bastard dive.

: I've seen this same thing happen in other forums. It's the 'play by my rules or I'll take my ball and go home' attitude of Socialists.

Yeah, get fucked, it's more like the accept our dogma or your proving our prejudice attitudes of capitalists.

: Not on your life.

What you want with my life? Think you can take it? Come on then why dont you try?

: Happy trails pardner.

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