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Posted by: borg on November 03, 1999 at 13:18:02:

In Reply to: Work or Starve---just like the ways things are NOW posted by Stoller on November 01, 1999 at 14:08:49:

: : How does a Communist get around that? Forget about the out and out alcoholic or junkie, what about the goldbrick? The professional office politico? If it is a system that dictates, it is the system that assumes responsibility of all half-loads.

: Communists do not tolerate goldbricks, Frenchy.

: Workers either work or starve---just like the ways things are HERE AND NOW in the capitalist society.

: Work or starve---the same RIGHT.

: Work or starve---the same FREEDOM.

: The only difference in the socialist future: the workers will call the shots, not the capitalists.

: People will have to work.

: ALL the people.

By whose standards will work be determined to be work, and not
hanging around the water cooler or spending too much time
on the phone?

I'd say the social engineer instead of the owner of the

And why would this social engineer have any incentive to
make sure that his buddies put in a full days work? To
rise in rank I would think.

So the capitalist is now on the production line instead
of management. Big deal. The social engineer has taken
his place.

His "profit" will come by some other means and in fact, he
will most likely be a budding capitalist, "exploiting"
his underlings.

And around we go...

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