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Have you ever heard of the word 'propaganda' ?

Posted by: Kweassa ( the Great March ) on November 04, 1999 at 18:45:38:

In Reply to: More goodies for the bottom feeders... posted by Frenchy on November 03, 1999 at 13:13:49:

Have you ever heard of the word "propaganda" ?

Listing down books are not bad for people who have ABSOLUTELY NO INTEREST in finding out the validity of it's contents, since the fact some hot-shot authority on the case - regardless of any counter views - wrote a book about it is ENOUGH EVIDENCE by itself to those people.

At that rate, we could always write about some other book as the solid evidence, refuting it. Why, I could always find some good lines in Marx himself or maybe some of his followers today. Scribble down the pages of logic and evidence, and end it in a "So there~".

I thought this was a debating room, not someplace where people quote books like the Bible - "Oh, Revelations verse 9 line 13 - it says so. So there, nyah~ nyah~".

The debate leaves from a solid basis of your own critical insight and kazooms up to the metaphysical 3rd heaven, where the lines written down by ancient scholars and philosophers and historians take on form as the absolute truth itself - is this not a propaganda?

The same sort of muck some communists in "really-existing socialism" fed to their own people, in order to shut them up. How does your actions differ from it? "Oh excuse me, Horowitz says so, so there."

Marx himself despised the fact the followers around him started to worship him. Lenin also had continuously warned against the people following the party as absolute truth. He had requested the moral and logical responsibilities needed to place within oneself, if they were leading the proletariat as a vanguard. Time and time this has been betrayed. Lenin's warning against Stalin head fallen on deaf ears.

If people were looking for books, they would have gone to the book store, not here - "DEBATING ROOM", Frenchy. No one denys what Stalin did, no one wants to see him revived again. If that were so, and if the people have somethings to say about HOW we can stop that from happening again, and if they explain WHY things are different, it would take up a lot of thinking in the part of oneself to determine if they are valid or not. Books provide good information. Essential evidences, somtimes. But where does this "absolute trust" in propaganda come from? From ABSOLUTE PREJUDICE and DISDAIN.

Honestly I do not see the difference between a preacher repeating the verses like a parrot and you. I do think the way people react against you IS unfair, sometimes, but there cannot be some vile conspiracy against you.

Come, on. I believe people are reasonable enough to listen to you in earnest, if you had the right approach. Stop borrowing some other people's mouths, and please, don't let it prejudice you.

Socialists are SUPPOSED to be logical and unprejudiced. If this stupid cycle of cynicism ands at some point, at least they can't bite down behind your bottom as they did everytime you posted something.

Another advice on my part.

If you don't like it.. well..

Good luck, then. At least give some thought, though. Because since I'm relatively new here, I may not be "freaked-out" from stupid debates yet. At least I'll listen to you sincerely.

Give it some thought, that's a plea on my part.
What have ya got to lose?

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