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Teach people to think, not what to think.

Posted by: septimus ( Aus. ) on November 04, 1999 at 19:01:58:

In Reply to: Teaching everybody what they should know. posted by borg on November 03, 1999 at 16:49:20:

: How to control this?

: Now that the anarchic net is here I think you can
: kiss 'controlled' group education [and just about everything
: else] goodbye.

*Yes. Teach people to think, not what to think. But I don't hold high hopes for the net. When television first emerged it was lauded as THE great new educational tool. Now look at it.
What's the number one query word on all search engines?
I don't think they mean sex education.
Cheap thrills and money to be made. That's all we have.

McSpotlight: Two brief points;

1. 6 years ago, the 'net was a great educational tool. It was nearly all text. It wasn't great to look at, but you could find a lot of information without too much fuss.

2. Sex has probably led to as many advances in human society as any other subject; the modern day printing, photography and film industries owe a lot of their technical advances to people producing smut; and the first examples of e-commerce were in fact porn sites...

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