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Didn't have a (socially necessary) hour for you, only a (socially necessary) 10 minutes...

Posted by: Stoller on November 05, 1999 at 15:55:16:

In Reply to: 'Ms. Faludi'? You're name-calling again! posted by Stoller on November 03, 1999 at 16:49:58:

Not if you were the "Aryan" working class (thus, ‘national’ socialism - a socialism that exploited a race, rather than an economic group, in the name of the ‘people’)...

Are you actually suggesting that the Nazi state did NOT exploit the (German) working class?

Give me an hour at the public library and I'll BURY you in citations...

Well, for anecdotal reasons I did not have that hour at the library---only 10 minutes.

But I will suggest that the 1933 ABOLITION OF TRADE UNIONS in conjunction with the 1933 COMPULSORY WORK ACT* suggests some exploitation of the working class. Hitler ended unemployment, all right---by illegalizing it. Wages, as expected, were correspondingly LOW.

It was a dream come true for capitalists...

Sources: Nuemann (Behemoth), Heinrich (Germany Vs. the People), & Schmidt (The Corporatist State in Action).


* Don't be boring and compare that to the Bolsheviks' Civil War labor conscription. Germany was NOT AT WAR in 1933.

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