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Posted by: Quincunx on November 05, 1999 at 15:57:12:

In Reply to: the end result of modern day 'Liberalism' posted by Frenchy on November 04, 1999 at 18:56:50:

: : I social democracy all buy dead in Canada? Canada's political culture no longer appears to be as tolerant in accepting ideological diversity.

F: Ah yes, the end result of modern day 'Liberalism'.

Qx: This is a typical answer but hardly accurate. Whatever anybody's idea of "modern day liberalism" may be the real problem is a creeping style of corporatism that has become part of all the major political parties in Canada. It's a bit of a relief that the NDP rejected the "Third Way" platform that hoped to emulate Clinton the US and Blair in the UK.

Nonetheless, the Progressive Conservatives of the Mulroney era (i.e., Blue Tories) completely sold out to US corporate interests by signing into NAFTA and basically prostituted Canadian conservatism as had Mike Harris in Ontario. I don't agree with Joe Clark, David Orchard, etc. of the "Red Tory" but at least they know what Canadian conservatism is and have something resembling a social conscience in their ideas. Something that the Republicans in the US have decided to jettison and do a vaudeville act of pretending to care about people. The near total collapse of the pseudo-conservative attempt at uniting the PCs and Reform could help reverse the trend towards a US style two party system which just basically feeds into more corporate goverance than Canadians already have.

F: Are you familiar with the speech codes in Canada forbidding certain topics that may be offensive to some folks?

Qx: If you're so against hate-speech laws then try to tell us why they're bad. Most Canadians are familiar with their speech codes but if you respond we can expect some real doozies and this could get fun. The spectacle of you digging your self ito a deeper hole in this debating room may not have reached it's deepest point yet.

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