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Impossible to refute - in a Biblical sort of way.

Posted by: Kweassa ( the Great March ) on November 05, 1999 at 16:03:19:

In Reply to: The Dalai Lama posted by Dr. Cruel on November 04, 1999 at 18:51:48:

Ok, let me change a few words. Let's see what it looks like.

"Since the student is obviously in agreement with the remainder of his lesson, we shall address that portion which has brought cause for contention. To wit, that 'THE THEORY OF HUMAN NATURE WITH NATURAL TENDENCIES WITH THE MOTIVATION OF PROFIT" is simple'."

"ALL THROUGH THE AGES BASED ON CLASS, NOT JUST IN the 19th century, there was cause for TAKING THINGS FOR GRANTED, EXPLAINING everything in simple, easy to understand terms - AS HUMAN NATURE. There was, also, an equivalent intent in the medieval period in regards to astronomy. In the quest for cosmological understanding, it was contended that the earth was, conveniently, at the center of the universe. Revolving, if such a phenomenon existed, was done in reference to this body. As a theory, it was elegant and simple - any celestial object might be tracked easily enough in reference to this body, and nothing as difficult or as confusing as Newtonian physics?proposed as of yet to refute it. Now, it is true that subsequent measurements and models based on said came to be wildly flawed, leading to all sorts of complicated and farfetched excuses for the discrepancies found, but the main theory - the earth as the center of the universe - was easy enough to accept."

"Imagine the introduction of massed objects as various local centers??Utter confusion! If objects revolved about any old massed object sufficiently large, what meaning then did the term Center of the universe?hold? What of all that brilliant effort spent on apologizing for what had obviously proved to be a blatantly incorrect thesis? Best to burn the supporting documentation (and those who had generated this affront to the intellectual status-quo, for good measure)."

"We are at a similar impasse in regards to CAPITALISM. This simple premise, that THE HUMAN NATURE OF PROFIT - not CREATIVITY, or HUMAN WILL - is the basis for the remainder of THOSE analysis. In and of itself, it is easy to understand, and if one is not particularly worried about being right, an idea that can be readily absorbed by anyone. Admittedly, because it is wrong, it does lead to all sorts of confusing and spurious diatribes into the dominions of the ridiculous and the fantastic (and, all to frequently, into the realm of tragedy). It is also true that these jaunts tend to be the engine for inspiring a great deal of "gordian" prose (a talent for which the comedy team of SMITH and FRIEDMAN most certainly excelled), but it is hardly true to subsequently claim that the underlying theory itself cannot be readily fathomed."

"Indeed, any sort of person could come up with it. Even an UNEDUCATED FAT OL' CEO. Being taken in by it, of course, is another matter entirely."

- "K" -

ps) Ah. The various capitalist theories on human nature, what can possibly be more convinient than that? Doesn't even hafta go as much as inspiring a great deal of gordian prose. Impossible to refute - in a Biblical sort of way.

Q: "Why are things so unfair?"
A: "Hey, life ain't fair~ that's human nature."
Q: "Why are people so greedy and CRUEL?"
A: "Well, that's human nature, too."
Q: "Why are people so selfish?"
A: "Because we need motivation. That's human nature."

That's about the easiest explanation on earth. Who needs those boring Ideologies and philosophies anyway?

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