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Cuba (corrected)

Posted by: bill on November 05, 1999 at 16:07:18:

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: ...I don't know about the cancer claim,

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Re Cuba & cancer Don should check out this report.

"Scientists in Cuba, as in many more-developed countries, are working on cancer vaccines that would, rather than block a disease, use a patient’s immune system to attack it once it’s in the body.

At the modern Center for Molecular Immunology, built in 1990, a staff of 300 people, including 120 scientists and engineers, are working to develop the cure.

Avoiding the standard “cut it, burn it, kill it” approach to cancer, the vaccines instead stimulate the body’s immune system to suppress growth proteins and enzymes that cancer cells use to multiply endlessly.

The drugs, in an early phase of human trials in Cuba (see related story), are seen as a potential treatment of the most severe solid cancer tumors that develop on the head and neck, and in the brain, lungs, breasts and ovaries.

Commercial Potential Experts are impressed by the promise of the Cuban
research, and one Canadian company is betting the drug could one day bring big profits.

Toronto-based York Medical sent a biotechnology expert to Cuba in 1994 who “found a level of science equivalent to anything in the rest of the world [that] he never anticipated seeing,” says company CEO David

"... Now, York has five Cuban products — three anti-cancer therapeutics, a cancer vaccine and a topical antifungal and antibacterial treatment — being put through the clinical trials."

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