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Slithering awy from your remark now? I don't blame you

Posted by: Stoller on November 05, 1999 at 16:09:15:

In Reply to: Who did I call ... what? posted by Dr. Cruel on November 04, 1999 at 19:03:56:

Are you actually suggesting that the Nazi state did NOT exploit the (German) working class?

The production of Volkswagons is a concrete example of the Nazi’s attention to the needs and desires of the working classes of ethnic Germans, a group with which they had the greatest support from.

I cannot believe you would pick such an unfortunate example. According to Heinrich's Germany Vs. the People---and many other sources---the tax upon workers for Volkswagons (to be produced in some indeterminate future) NEVER PRODUCED ANYVOLKSWAGONS. The money simply went into the war machine and not a single worker EVER SAW A CAR.

What on earth have you been reading, Doc---Buchanan's new book?

One can hardly call a Mafia protection racket ‘capitalism’...

I called it a TAX on capitalism. Without the capitalists, the Nazis would have lost their income!

In that case, socialism is a TAX on capitalism …

Don't be ridiculous. Socialism abolishes capitalism.

(Since you've read Capital, you'll be more than familiar with those terms [Dept. 1 and 2]...)

Doc: I have read Orwell’s 1984 as well. Most informative.

Crude evasion! Even Mcspotlight suspects you haven't read Capital. And what, pray tell, does a work of FICTION (1984)have to do with it?

Technology and mechanized production methods has made the sweatshop obsolescent...

The sweatshop is obsolescent?

Yes, as is obvious to anyone who lives on the East coast, where scores of empty ‘sweatshops’ dot the landscape. Such institutions have migrated to the poorer areas of the world, and will likely inevitably be replaced by more mechanized means of production in the future.

That negates my point? What are you, an isolationist? Exploitation is STILL THERE even if YOUR backyard has been tidied up.

It has not been ‘tidied up’. It has been developed; thus "First World". Which is, of course, my point.

Been 'developed'? Seriously, Doc...

Capitalists don't need a Gestapo to bring labor crawling to them. Simply owning a monopoly on ALL means of production (and a police force to protect that!) will do the trick. Again, starvation and homelessness do capital's dirty work---inconspicuously.

Doc: True, but not in the way you describe. Starvation and homelessness do the ‘dirty work’ for the agricultural industry, housing market, and technology in the same way.

Is that all? ONLY 'the agricultural industry, housing market, and technology'? But not other fields---say nursing homes, CVS's, or restaurants? And why such an arbitrary distinction?

Please enlarge on your foggy reasoning (if you dare).

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