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No, consider this...

Posted by: Stoller on November 05, 1999 at 16:28:35:

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: More socialist revisionism...

: Never mind about "The Feminine Mystique" published in the early '50's and the budding feminist movement throughout the '60's. Never mind about a whole decade, the '60's, known for it's own cultural revolution breaking with tradition and the past in general...

There was plenty of feminist ideology---going WAY back into the 1800s---but UNTIL the recession of 1973 feminist ideology didn't manifest itself IN THE REAL WORLD.

There will always be vanguard ideologues---but they will never have relevance until history is prepared to validate them materially.

The personality of every one who has attained eminence in the intellectual or social field belongs to those chances whose appearance does not conflict in any way with the tendency of the average line of intellectual development of mankind to follow a course parallel to that of its economic evolution.(1)


1. Plekhanov, Fundamental Problems of Marxism [1908], International 1928, p. 70.

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