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Posted by: Stoller on November 07, 1999 at 22:03:19:

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: I could easilyclaim that the monopoly ownership of the means of production by the capitalist elite was 'adversely related to life and the continuation thereof' for the proletariat---pointing out starvation diets, lack of medical care, army conscription, etc. as they affected those who do not own property (the proletariat).

: : Starvation is not a force instituted by the bourgeois, it is a consequence of not producing for yourself (specifically, food).

: That tells us nothing about HOW food is actually produced.

: Again, a minority owns all the food-producing property and another does not---they have to work the land. Starvation, in this case, has everything to do with how those two classes will RELATE. And, as it is now, those who own the property DICTATE their terms to those who do not.

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