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Posted by: Quincunx on November 07, 1999 at 22:20:52:

In Reply to: We train freedom fighters. They train terrorists. posted by DonS on November 05, 1999 at 16:18:37:

: : DS:And it is a fact that the Cubans were training terrorists at Granada. Reagan took those guys down.

: : Qx:Actually, the Cubans knew that they didn't have a chance.

: Don: Of course they didn't. They were set up for training terrorists, not for defending the island.

Qx: Yeah right. Most were involved in building an airport. It was a monstrosity of of course but nonteheless something that Grenada had requested built. The rest is one huge excuse for invasion.>

: : Qx:Besides, the use of the word "terrorist" is, as you well know, a very malleable term. When it comes down to it the American government trains many more "terrorists" but you don't want to know that do you?

: Don: We train freedom fighters. They train terrorists.

Qx: Which again shows that you don't want to talk about it.

: Don: In fact, I know we have trained some nasty people in the past. The Cubans were training nasty people who were trying to bring Cuban/soviet influence to Central America. Shutting them down was a good thing, even if it was only a set back for them and they set up house elsewhere.

Qx: Is that right? So instead the US was right in backing El Salvador's government including the ARENA party under Roberto D'Aubisson (BTW, he died of AIDS)and kill anybody who doesn't agree.

: : DS: I wonder how many decent people are alive because of Reagans actions? It is interesting how you guys aren't bothered by commie terrorists killing people in Central America. It seems your concearn is based upon the politics of the victims.

: : Qx: I wondered how many survived despite Reagan's actions. It is interesting how you aren't even bothered by death squads killing people in Central America.

: Don: In fact I am. And why do you assume all "death squads" are right wing?

Qx: Because they basically were Don. Sure left-wing groups assassinated people but with none of the same depravity as the rightwing paramilitaries and police. Besides, some of the so-called victims of leftwing death squads (as you would like to call them) were knocking off members of the much more productive death squads. Keep defending the indefensible and give it the excuse of patriotism. You have nothing to lose but your credibility. Your soul got flushed somewhere along the way.

: : Qx: Much more than any "commie terrorists" ever did. It seems their concern was definitely based on the "potential politics" of the victims.

: Don: Both sides killed their political opponenets.

Qx: Damn right they did. It's called war.

: : Don: Free market fascist is, of course, an oxymoron.

: : Qx: No it's not. Just calling it an "oxymoron" doesn't make it an oxymoron. Fascism is an outgrowth of capitalism and it's been shown many times on this bulletin board. Free trade as it is in the real, material world is very compatible with fascism. To understand free trade one should read about it's origins as far as the usage of the term goes.

: Don: Fascism is a seperate economic system. It is not free enterprise.

Qx: Man you have a lot to learn. You might as well be another moronic Fibertarian telling us that Hitler was a socialist. It's been done before so why not give it a shot?

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