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And so is your exemption for scientists

Posted by: Stoller on November 08, 1999 at 16:03:01:

In Reply to: Yes, Barry, they're arbitrary. posted by Nikhil Jaikumar on November 08, 1999 at 09:24:52:

: Are you seriously advocatibng that I work all my productive time for the communbity, and none for myself?

Socialism, I believe, will release a great deal of free time (to everyone. However, you seem to want a socialism where YOU get to decide how much labor to perform for the community and how much to keep for yourself. That's not socialism, that's some sort of subjective anarcho-hybrid.

: OK, Barry, Cards on the table. I'm a studnet in the hard sciences right now.

I KNEW it!

: But still, scientists must be free to amke their own decsisions, in teh last analysis. They should not be under the thumb of big business (oil and tobbaco industries in America), reactionary class biases (Cyril Burt's hereditarianism) or ideological fanatics (T.D. Lysenko, Arthur Shockley).

Again: Skinner.

Just because science should NOT be under the control of a business elite, should we accept that science should not be accountable to the people?

A funny socialism you propose!

: Question, Barry. Does a small peasant who works his own land really exploit the albor of others?

If the peasant requires a MARKET in which to sell, yes.

: Yes! Science is devoted to teh pursuit of objective truth, not to teh bolstering of elite OR working class power.

Again: Skinner.

: No, but science is a self-correctinbg enterprise- and I don't belive taht ALL science should be free of state control and restriction, certyainly not abominations like human cloning....

Now come the qualifications and exemptions!

: I knew it! Anti-clericalism reares its ugly head!

BECAUSE clericalism is the genesis of privilege, exemptions, and abuse of power.

: Yes, but I never got a relaly good answer to my querry as to how scientist can be expected to make any scintific rpogress working in their labs one day a week. is this really what you're advocating Barry?

Specialization AFTER the physical labor requirements are met (say, age 40).

: Actually, I would MUCH prefer engineers running the economy of this country than the current crop of philosophy or business grads.

Technocracy. Again: Skinner.

: Do you really think taht a small caste of rainforest ecologists is going to take over the country? Most of those guys don't even WANT power.

If they had unlimited amounts of power---they'd reject it?

You can personally attest to that?

: Science (pure, not applied), serves objective truth.

Again: Skinner.

: Nice conspiracy theorism by Skinner above. But as I said, most scientists are not interested in power.

MOST scientists, eh?

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