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Smile when you say that mister...

Posted by: Frenchy on November 09, 1999 at 13:59:48:

In Reply to: Nobody here but us petit-bourgeoisie posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on November 08, 1999 at 16:04:34:

: : Well, if you believe in electoral / parliamentary 'democracy,' all the power to you. Will you be pulling the 'radical democracy' lever for Gore, Bush, or Buchanan this time around?

: SDF: How about Joel Kovel? Another petit-bourgeois?

Now that'd be interesting. I wonder how long it'd take for him to do an Audie Bock and abandon his party after election? Have you posted any info. for us about Audie Bock, the Greenie who was elected to the Ca. legislature only to abandon her party to become an independant? She says the party abandoned her. Is that true?

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