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Yes, but appropriatly, in your case, 'moron' shines through.

Posted by: Frenchy on November 10, 1999 at 10:32:23:

In Reply to: Oxymoron is a big word for you, perhaps you need a dictionary. posted by Lark on November 09, 1999 at 15:29:35:

: : I thought the Romans looked after any right-wing tendencies amongst the Jews. Of course I could be wrong. Please expand on Jesus' role in containing the right-wing tendencies of the Jews.

: I did expect this, that you'd engage in a load of shit about the Roman state being the bogey man that regulated the Jewish free market preventing a wonderous order of plenty and freedom.
Uhh, excuse me, could I cut in? The Romans did not care a whit about the Jewish market place. The Romans were interested in recieving their tribute. On time. No ands ifs or buts. So you can see that I'm not setting up a bogey man in terms of Romans and the market place. Let's proceed.

Bullshit, as to Jesus's anti-capitalist tendencies, I think you'll find a steady stream all through the bible which opposes property rights and accumulation of wealth and the power of the rich, I dont need to give you references it's obvious.
Ahhhh, but sometimes it is those things that are most obvious that need questioning, don't you agree? So, please give me some specific examples of Jesus' opposition to capitalism, property rights, and accumulation of wealth.
: : Non-Marxian Communism???

: Right there was the Communism of the twelve apostles initially followed in this age by the communism of some elements of the clergy and monasticism.
Oh? from where did you dig this factiod up?

: :Communists ordinarily need Marx at least as a starting point for their depravities, you know, worker's paradise and such.

: That's an incredibly narrow definition of communist Mr. based on prefudiced assumptions and not reality.

Talk to the survivors of those depravities about reality.

: :Are you suggesting that Communists finally abandon the facade and proceed directly to the Gulags?

: I have no idea what you mean by this pointless rant.
Somehow I didn't think you would. Oh well....

: : : I'm only posting this because I know that it might be a grenade among the Chickens for some of the mental capitalists and that could be interesting, I'll never understand with all the glaring anti-capitalism, it was called Mammon in this days, in the Bible how capitalists attempt to incorporate Christianity into their vision as a vain attempt at moral legitimacy of their cause.

: : Grenade?
: : Did you bother to pull the pin?
: : Is it a dud?
: : A stage prop?
: : Oh, all right...............................................BANG!
: : happy?

: Waste of Space that's you that is.

Hey, the ink is free, what the hey!!

: : : Maybe this will create some debate.
: : Maybe pigs fly.

: What do you mean by this? It appears to me like nothing short of complete agreement with your opinions amounts to debate everything else is brainwashing or as you call it "Wrong headedness", I await the day when you grow a brain and discover the ability to debate.


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