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I hear you!

Posted by: Stoller on November 10, 1999 at 10:35:38:

In Reply to: The weakening of the liberal socialists posted by Marcos on November 09, 1999 at 22:29:27:

: It has been several months since I last posted to this forum, This is the post which created such negativity among the liberal socialists, and there were others.

I checked out your 5 imperatives.

I agree UNCONDITIONALLY with all of them---except I personally would soften the morality section a bit---as I recall Engels approving of permanent love matches providing both lovers were economically independent. (Obviously day care centers, laundries, dining halls, etc. should be ubiquitous...)

: It is only with the courage of the revolutionary soldier of communism that it can be placed in power - the power of the proleteriat over the vile kings of capital cannot come about without the vanguard for as Lenin knew - the working class only has the trade union consiousness - not the mass consciousness required for our socialist future!

Hear, hear!

What's ANOTHER RAISE going to do for the worker as the prices of commodities go up in tandem?

I think you are hip to the fact that in this debate room almost all self-advertised 'socialists' are nothing more than liberals who dislike the property relations of capital yet (for a variety of reasons) wish to retain some arbitrary hierarchy as they see fit. This sentimentality for the old, corrupt ways, as I see it, could only lead to bureaucratic privilege in the socialist future.

Your kind words are most appreciated.

: I shall post again on this matter!!

Please do. I had hoped you would reappear.

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