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well...at least an effort

Posted by: bill on November 10, 1999 at 12:20:12:

In Reply to: Was that an answer? posted by Stoller on November 09, 1999 at 10:41:54:

:You say that an 'overwhelmimg majority' will support the Greens.

Er...what I said was "support the aims of the Greens". (I actually tend to vote for the Peace and Freedom Party). Democratic participation Means empowerment, both as means and as objectifiable ends.

: There were a lot of protests during the 1960s---and all the property relations STAYED THE SAME. There was a HUGE popular consensus about nukes during the 1980s---and, as the latest news attests, the nukes ARE STILL WITH US.

Point taken. It's another straw placed on a camel's back. (Glass Spiegal is another, and so on).

But I sense something else blowing in the wind....

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