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Posted by: spike ( USA ) on January 11, 1999 at 00:58:21:

In Reply to: McD's coughs up for the workers posted by Gill on January 08, 1999 at 10:50:42:

: Hmmmm....I'm so glad I no longer work there ! Everytime I drove past a McD's during this BOGOF promo, the queues of cars were backed up out of the drive thru and onto the road ! I mean, how can people be so greedy that they would put up with sitting in a queue, just to get a free 1.89 burger. Don't any of them realise that McD's make their biggest profit on the add on sales of fries and drinks to go with that "free" burger ? And what is the betting that once the fuss and palaver has died down, prices will go up, right at a time when the fewest customers will notice.....

So what if McDonald's makes a profit on the fries and drinks? Do you expect them to be in business to lose money? Nearly every company does the same thing. They advertise one or two items at a very low price to entice customers, and expect to make up the difference on other items. I could give numerous examples but I think I would be insulting your intelligence, since the practice is universal.

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