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I feel sorry for volunteers

Posted by: Candice ( USA ) on January 18, 1999 at 14:14:01:

I just wanted to say I feel sorry for the McSpotlight volunteers who have to answer the messages of people who think for some odd reason this is a site that is a front for or part of McDonalds. It makes me think, do these people even bother to look at this site before posting a message, or even look at the front home page for pete's sake, you don't have to go very far. Really, are they for real? Anyway, I support this site 100% and I think your doing a really great job at informing the public if they would just bother to read something before coming to the forum to complain about their service at McDonalds. Like you even care. I hope this site stays up for a long time to come and that someday the people will take the blinds off their eyes and see the truth behind McDonalds propaganda.

McSpotlight: Well, thanks very much ;) It's all a labour of love really; I'm certainly fond of the Debating Rooms, even if some of the posts do get up my nose sometimes. And it's ultimately something we all feel is worth doing.

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