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Posted by: james ( england ) on January 19, 1999 at 11:45:07:

I worked for mcdonalds for 4 years. I left to go to college and get a life. The good points first. Mcdonalds is an equal opportunities employer, it provides a first job for many people, critisim that it is a multi-national and that multi-national companies are somehow inherehtly evil is rediculous. You wake up in the morning and brush your teeth using toothpaste manufactured by a multi-national, you drive to work or catch a bus in a vierchle manufactured by a multi-national, etc.... We live in times when global brands will dominate. I am of course opposed to cruelty to animals, and anyone guilty of this sucks. However most people eat meat and if your opposed to meat eating why not picket your local supermarket.
Now the other side of the coin. Mcd's expliot young people. They work for a low wage ( with no pension rights and tha includes floor managers ) and with legal minimum breaks ( none at all if its busy and this happens been there done it ) and are forced to work at a pace where accidents ( burns, cuts ) are inevitable.
Food safety is comprimised. By management as well as crew. Because management are put under pressure to reduce food costs all the time out of date stock is used as well as dodgy stock. Examples I have witnessed include a food inspector who visited any pointed out that a stack of shake mix was ouit of date. The store manager put do not use tape on it but as soon as the inspector had gone he removed the tape and used the mix . When I objected I was told that the store ' couldn't afford to waste it'. Another example was when the freezer broke down some of the meat had defrosted and lost shape but it was still used. Out of date buns were used on a regular basis. The blame for this lies not just with the individuals but also the company culture where management are put under pressure to reduce food costs.
I watched the Mc trial on channel 4 and one thing I remember was a floor manager saying the drains backed up ( blocked grease traps ) and the kitchen had flooded and they cotinued cooking. The store manager denied this and said in such situations the store would shut. Well we didn't shut when the same thing happened at our store! We continued cooking serving!
Paul Preston what a twat! In the trial he said that mcdonalds only use the ingredients you find in your average pantry. Like so when you go to your average 'pantry' you find boxes and boxes of fat so you can deep fry EVERYTHING YOU EAT!! So all bread you use is loaded with sugar to make it caramalise!! Mc donalds is junk food to say its anything else is bollocks. It might not cause cancer but a constant diet of deep fat fried /meat would be very unhealthy.
If you work at Mcds unless you are salaried management ( three per store ) you are not garenteed any work, even if your fully flex so in winter when theres less people in a seaside town your hours are cut back, what I'm trying to say is that its a Mcjob.
I could go on ( and probably will ) but I've got to go somewhere now so bye! I apologise for my spelling.

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