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Posted by: James ex Weymouth 288 ( England ) on January 19, 1999 at 17:31:47:

Hi ! I'm back. Further to my comments on Paul Prestons performance at the Mclibel trial. The whole Mcdonalds ( U.K) management are average to shite. Great descision to push Mclibel into court wasn't it ! If you think about it they are not asked to launch a new product, manage significant change, organise stratigic take overs, or any of the other things that are the challenge of running a company in the nineties. All they do is decide

1. open new stores
( the alternatives are closing stores, staying with the number of stores they've got ( no company stands still like that for long if they have any sense ) or suprise suprise opening new stores )

2. decide where to open new stores ( hey why not do it where we haven't got a lot of stores! )

3. Plan promotional offers, which as they proved with the 2 for 1 BigMac offer they get spectacularly wrong!!!!

Paul Preston worked his way up from crew to running Mcds U.K Hey! what a wasted life! If he had any flair for business he would have got a decent management job in a decent company which might have provided a challenge. If his performance at the Mclibel trial is anything to go by he's not exactly bright.

( Hey lets talk in a homely way about the contents of a typical ' pantry' It might work for Richard Nixon in that wretched T.V broadcast about the puppy and Jimmy Carter might have given homely fireside chats about energy conservation but in the U.K it sucks!!!!).

Further Mcdonalds T.V advertising is explotitive shite! Aimed at children. Have you ever seen those victorian/edwardian ( that early this centuary for non brits ) adverts for quack medicines with active ingredients such as radon and cocainne . They would be banned now in any country and so ,I would venture in 80 yrs. time adverts aimed at children in the way Mcds. adverts are will be banned. Our grand children will wonder how we ever allowed advertisers to exploit children by aiming adverts at them.
Now turning my atention to Ronald Mcdonalds childrens charity. Okay they've built family wings at great orman street hospital etc. but ask yourself this, how much of the money was donated out of Mcds. profit and loss sheet BY THE COMPANY? Loads of money is raised by crew, donated by customer so why not call it the Mcds. Staff Customer Charity. Why not say ' Mcds. supports such and such a charity'. The answer is that the charity is just as much about marketing as being an act of charity. They use it to push the mcdonalds brand carachter etc. They help childrens hospitals 'cos they exploit the ooh aren't they lovely factor in exactly the same way as michael jackson does. Why Don't mcds. support 'unfashionable' charities such as Disability Mental Health Aids.?

The problem with most people who complain about mcds. is that they present the image of being animal rights wackos. Probably because most of them are.
But anyone who has worked at Mcdonalds can constuct a reasonble argument against it ( as it currently operates ) Don't be dribbly hippies get logical get smart argue the facts WIN TOTALLY NEXT TIME!!!!!!!!!

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