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A few bent facts

Posted by: Tim ( McWorker, UK ) on January 19, 1999 at 17:33:21:

In Reply to: get your facts straight please. posted by Sarah on January 16, 1999 at 15:58:15:

;Actually it wasn't the macs as a whole that ran out, it was the
;different parts i.e the buns or the meat so other burgers didn't
;suffer because there were no ingredients for them.

Wrong. In our store, at least, we kept running out of 10:1 patties, so regular ham/cheese ran out as well. Another time we ran out of Mac buns, then ran out of Regular buns while we were waiting for new ones to arrive, so Filet were off the menu too.

;All workers got time and a half pay (minimum £5.25ph) and were
;incredibly pleased.

Now I'm sure what you meant to say here is 'minimum £5.25ph at 18+.' The minimum at under 18 is £4.87½ph

;Everyone worked their hardest and stayed in good spirits during the ;mac crisis.


;Everyone I know that I work with is thoroughly content with their job. Same here, but then we did lose about 40 crew in the first two months the store was opened, and another 20 immediately after Christmas. I think this was because they overhired in the first place, though, so for the first few months none of the part timers got decent shifts because there weren't enough to go round.


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