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McDonlads rocks 24/7/365

Posted by: Nathan Wicks ( England ) on January 25, 1999 at 12:36:04:

I have been a McDonalds employee for three years now, working part time whilst going through University. McDonalds gives the opportunity of flexible hours, the number of shifts to suite, and also and more immportantly jobs especially for the people who are not educationally gifted who would otherwise be seeking benefit from the govenment and increasing the homeless population. I feel McDonalds deserves a pat on the pack. I feel employees there are most unfarely treated by customers who treat McDonlads staff totally different from say a clothes outlet. I think Mcdonlads crew deserve a lot of credit with there persaverenace with the general public who are sometimes rude, ungrateful, and inconsiderate.

McDonalds is a top company.

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