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McDonalds pays to play.

Posted by: John Iglesia ( USA ) on January 27, 1999 at 12:52:31:

In Reply to: People just want to get rich, so they sue posted by Shaun on January 17, 1999 at 15:19:35:

: : I forget. What was the outcome of the hot coffee incident and the one about the hot apple pie? Just about any Einstein you would think would know that you should be careful with hot foods and drink.

: Hi Mike. I havent heard of an apple pie incident, but an old woman did sue McDs over hot coffee and I believe she won a lot of money over it. Also interesting, within the past month or two I read in the paper that a moron is suing a Starbucks cafe in NYC because she spilled hot coffee on her ankle. Also, a woman from my area is suing a McDonalds in New Jersey because she bit into a hot hashbrown and did "permanant damage to the roof of her mouth" What the hell is wrong with some people in this world anyway? Do these idiots not know that coffee, fried products etc...are very hot? I can understand suing over choking on a bone in the chicken sandwich, because that is thier fault. But suing because you burned yourself on coffee? All of the Burger King coffee cups we use say "Caution-Very Hot" in about 5 different languages so some moron can't sue.

Accidents do happen, and sometimes these accidents are nothing more than concealed attempts at maliciousness. If someone is injured on site, then they should be compensated. There is no reason for coffee to be so hot that it causes 1st degree burns other than for the restaurant to be able to serve the coffee they brewed at 8am many hours later, without having to reheat it. McDonalds pays to play.

McSpotlight: You can find the full and (apparently) unbiased facts of the famous coffee case here; a page owned by the Consumer Attorneys of California.

For what it's worth, the victim in the coffee case suffered third degree burns over 6% of her skin area due to the coffee.

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