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I think you missed mine in the first place !

Posted by: Gill ( Northern Ireland ) on January 27, 1999 at 12:55:05:

In Reply to: You're missing the point posted by Tim on January 25, 1999 at 12:26:35:

I think the point I was trying to get across originally, is that I never cease to be amazed by how greedy people become when they *think* they are getting something for nothing. Common sense seems to fly out of the window. Sales fever was at it's height after christmas, customers probably had cabin fever after spending the holidays cooped up with their families, (so they all converged on McD's to sit cooped up with other similarly frustrated people !) and the stores were completely overwhelmed with people who were prepared to queue for unreasonable amount of time just to get a free burger ! If they were prepared to do it, that is up to them, but I found it amazing that so many people went to the time and trouble to sit in a drive thru queue for 30 minutes, getting road rage - for a free burger.

When I was store manager, I used to watch all these families coming into the store on the weekend, and I was actually quite saddened that they couldn't find something better to do with their kids. I want to make sure that my daughter understands what enjoying herself is all about. And it definitely isn't going to be sitting in an overcrowded noisy environment with a burger and a coke in her hand.

The point I was trying to get across is that you can always use McD's as a barometer for all the things that are regrettable about the society we live in. The promotion was just timed to tap into the nations mood at the time - over indulgence, boredom, and the greed of the sales frenzy that always happens after Christmas. It is yet another indicator of the sad lives some people lead, and trust McD's to tap into it for profit !

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