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If the banks go, the more you have in the bank, the more you lose.

Posted by: Luke Kuhn ( Utopian Anarchist Party, U$A ) on January 28, 1999 at 10:54:18:

In Reply to: It won't be the corporate barons who starve and freeze posted by poor single mom in NYC ghetto on January 27, 1999 at 12:29:58:

: McDonalds has spent 30 million addressing the Y2K issue. You should be more concerned about the thousands of small businesses who benifit from their work for McDonalds. You know businesses who employ carpenters, plumbers, electricians, truck drivers the list goes on and on.
: Somehow in your grandiose dreams of utopion anarchy you forget to put a face on the "evil corporate giant".

Unfortunately, this could be true, but only if there is just enough infrastructure failure to starve the poor, and not so much that the banks,etc. collapse and evaporate the assets of the rich. If either the problem is avoided somehow, the electricity is patched back together while the problems continue-or the system collapses COMPLETELY, the rich will not be able to laugh and watch us starve.
If the banks go, the more you have in the bank, the more you lose. If YOU can't afford to lose your money, start getting it out now. Start slow, but make sure no bank panic(which will sink the banks with or without a computer failure) can take you by suprise. Many poor people have only checking accounts without a minimum balace being mantained and can pull out money without cost,unless burglarized. If this is a problem,stash it in many different places and leave enough IN the bank to recover from a burglar strike.

: : Pork up all you want, corporate barons-in one year you will starve and freeze!

: It won't be the corporate barons who starve and freeze if your wish comes true--it will be the poor in our cities. But that doesn't really matter to you. Just a few rough times-right!!!

I live at home and could NEVER afford rent-I am a part-time bike courier. I could be killed by food distribution problems myself, but if the whole food distribution system goes the rich will starve with the rest of us-and only those who can grow their own food or stockpile will survive. By the way, meat(which requires ten pounds of grain to make one pound of meat-and require refrigeration) will be the hardest of all to get after the wild game gets hunted out. Since I cannot eat most canned foods(except soda), about 45 days of no food would kill me. I just hope if it gets so bad this happens that the rich get it too. Their cash will be worthless if people are starving.
Personally, I hope enough electricity stays up enough to keep the railroads running and food flowing, and that low level infrastructure survives, but that the higher level infrastructure of banks, IRS, etc collapses utterly and cannot be easily put together. This will force a complete reorganization of the economy, with small companies able to adjust(say, emergency generators during the periodic blackouts and PC's fed false dates) and the big multinationals paralyzed until they have lost their market share to startups and their savings to the banks.
If martial law is declared and curfews and restrictions on speech and assembly are imposed, I(along with thousands of others) am prepared to fight to crush the ability of the state to enforce these laws. This way they can patch the infrastructure but cannot save the regime. If the Guard wants to run railroads and power station, fine-Just don't let them tell people when to go to bed or what to say and read!
Remember, this isn't a matter of what anyone wants, but rather a matter of what people can or cannot prevent. All I am saying is it will not only be a desperate crisis but also an opportunity to fix some long standing social problems like corporate capitalism and imperialism.

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