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I work there so listen

Posted by: Lacey on February 01, 1999 at 13:28:32:

Im bored and was thinking of things to look up on the internet and was just curious if there was a McDonalds website and much to my disbelief there was and there was a debate room and everything. Wow. How stupidly bored are you people. Im sorry but please I relize how this may seem hypocritical but no sorry its not. Anyway unless you work there or know someone who does I dont quite see how you can voice an opinion of any value. I have worked there for awhile and it is the worst job. You have to serve rude people who have somehow in got it in their heads that they are better than us humble Mcdonalds servent pee-ons. Sorry no. The service is slow because the managers are bad so quite taking it out on those of us who wait on you. If your rude trust me your wait will be long if your kind your food will be hot and you will get it fast. I read a letter that said Mcdonalds is great bla bla bla. Again NO! I have never worked in a worse place. They cheat you on your checks by changing the time clock, they dont use accident reports and very few minors will stand up for themselves. Also if you need to leave because your ride is there even if you are headed to your mothers funeral you cant leave till the customers are gone. I relize its your job but sometimes you need to cut people some slack. Anyway there you have it. Its my opinion and Im intiteld to it so if by some chance I get mail saying shut up bla bla you will hear from me and I will say I do not like nor will I tolerate people knocking my opinion. Thank you drive through.

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