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Posted by: Haise on February 01, 1999 at 17:05:35:

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: Exactly! I myself do like McDonald's food, therefore I eat there often.

I am a McDonald's stockholder (and a happy one!:) ), so this may sound hypocritical, but I agree with the first message on this thread that if you don't like MCD, don't eat there. I know I can't get these McSpotlight people to see the light, but it's obvious they are only pointing out the negatives of MCD's operation because it attracts attention. This is the same reason tabloids are so popular, who cares if Princess Diana died while being chased by paparozzi, I want to read about the 3,548 pound man who eats 54 steak dinners each day!. Let's not turn this into a Princess Di argument and just to make myself clear, I don't read tabloids because my IQ exceeds the maximum limit for readership. Another reason this site exists is the world's mistrust of corporations. However, the people who operate these companies are PEOPLE, humans who have families and make their living managing successful corporations. Sure, some of them are not trustworthy, but we aren't talking about faceless robots here. I don't think Jack Greenberg goes home every night plotting another scheme to entice innocent children into McDonald's and figuring out how to really use every part of the pig except the squeal (coincidentially, MCD is based near Chicago:) ).


McSpotlight: McDonald's employed 8 spies to infiltrate London Greenpeace[1] (even though meetings were typically only attended by a dozen or so people!); they burgled the London Greenpeace office and used links with the police force[2] to try and find any information the police held on the people who attended London Greenpeace meetings.

[1] For an interview with one of these former spies, read an interview with Fran Tiller. It also turns out that one of the spies gave Dave Morris some clothes for his son Charlie merely so that McDonald's would obtain Dave Morris's address - so that they could serve a libel writ on him.

[2] Sid Nicholson, UK Vice-President and former head of Security for McD's served 31 years in the South African and Metropolitan police forces. His witness statement is here. It emerged in court that Nicholson had used links from his old job to find confidential police information on the McLibel defendants.

All of the above is fact: it emerged in court and was used as evidence. Faceless robots; maybe not. However, McDonald's isn't afraid to play Big Brother.

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