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How is McDonald's to be held responsible for this?

Posted by: Haise on February 01, 1999 at 17:34:16:

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: Does anyone know anything about McDonald's and the devastation of the rain-forest?

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: McSpotlight: Check out the environment section of the Issues section of McSpotlight.

I'm sure there is a way to link the toilet paper you wipe your *** with to the destruction of the rainforest. How is McDonald's to be held responsible for this? None of the information in the link above is probably true, or half propaganda, but I don't doubt MCD has bought beef from a cattle ranch that sits on deforested land. I'm sure they try to limit this source of their meat, but this meat is probably sold to the local operaters anyway, so the corporate guys in Oak Park can only do so much. When you have over 23,000 restaurants, it's difficult to monitor where the beef for EVERY burger came from. If Greenberg had it his way, he would probably not even sell a burger to a someone who farms deforested land, or have ANYTHING WHATSOEVER to do with rain forest deforestization, but that is inherently impossible.


McSpotlight: The information in the quoted page is all reputable, from such people as Charles Secrett (director, Friends of the Earth) and Vandana Shiva (a famous Indian ecologist). It stood up in court.

And if McD's can't stop "rainforest beef" being used in their burgers, then why did they try to sue people for saying that rainforest beef was used in their hamburgers?

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