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obviously, you were born with a silver spoon up your butt.

Posted by: drive thru girl on February 01, 1999 at 18:21:52:

In Reply to: Only unhappy because people like you are allowed to live and function in society posted by vala on January 29, 1999 at 12:17:06:


if you are homeless, discontinue reading the rest of this post.

if you are not homeless, then you have no room to spew out such vile nonsence.
have you had to choose between being homeless or working at mcD's? i doubt it. i think you ought not judge mcD's employees until you at least know something about where they're coming from, wouldn't you agree? i mean, that would be a judgement made in complete ignorance, don't you think?

now, i'm waiting to learn what GOOD PURPOSSES mcD's cashiers are hindering your bright little butt from achieving.
i never thought that when the good people of the world jump out of bed to tackle the day, they even gave as much as an inkling of a thought towards us dimm witted mcD's workers that would be standing in their way. halting all progress towards a kinder, better, africa.

-drive thru girl.

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