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McDonald's: A Stepping Stone

Posted by: Damien on February 01, 1999 at 18:29:28:

In Reply to: Only unhappy because people like you are allowed to live and function in society posted by vala on January 29, 1999 at 12:17:06:

Many young adults get their first jobs at fast-food restaurants like McDonald's. Uneducated, unskilled, and inexperienced young adults see McDonald's as a way to make money for college, a car, clothes, etc. It's also a way for them to gain experience, so they can move on to something better. It's difficult for many young adults to go to college without earning money to pay the bills, and it's difficult for anyone to get a decent job without some work experience. Further, young Americans value hard work, making money, and so forth. They know that it's part of growing up, and young adults are often in a rush to do that. McDonald's is usually just a stepping stone for young adults, which explains why the employees there seem so immature. Accept that and you'll come to understand why the employees are the way they are. They're just like the young adults you encountered in high school, only with McDonald's attire on. I'll tell you now that a McDonald's hat doesn't make a new employee any more mature, and new employees are all that I see when I go to a fast-food joint. It's as if they go through employees like paper towels! It's wrong to paint with too large a brush, though. I hope I haven't done so in this post. Working with people is a skill. One has to learn how to do it. If a person is young, s/he might bring his or her attitude to work. S/he might blow up in a customer's face when confronted with a complaint. These are things that one learns not to do. It only makes sense that one would learn what these situations are like and how to handle them while doing his or her first job. That first job is often McDonald's.

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