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You can shove your degrees

Posted by: vala on February 02, 1999 at 12:16:15:

In Reply to: Well... let me respond to each accusation. posted by spike on February 01, 1999 at 17:51:05:

Dear spike,

Well... let me stress what a complete fuck wit you are.
I'll put the following in point form, like you did for me, to make the connection between multinational explotation and human suffering as clear as possible ( coincidently i would like to also claim this point as an arrow towards the direction of my compassion)

* Multinational/ corporate body generates the need for a product from which to derive PROFIT

* In accordance with this wood becomes a favourable asset

* the multinational finds a nice rainforest and HACKS IT TO PIECES!

* the rainforest is home to animals ( such as exotic monkeys) who are carrying deadly bacteria and disease, however within its eco system there is no problem due to other organisms balancing it all out.

* someone cuts down the trees and the monkeys either flee or die, their corpses decomposing without the necessary chain reaction of the forest.

* Nearby humans become infected, sick, die, spread.

This is the origin of he aids virus.
Aids is the cause of much suffering.

If we lived in a society, not a system, then man kind would have control over their world, enviroment, habitate.
Multinationals who wreck havic to our earth can in no way be part of this vision. This type of suffering is a result of exploitation. Exploitation which should never have come to power. The people give it power. People who work in Mc Donalds are giving their power to the wrong organisation.

You can shove your degrees, the creator of the atomic bomb had plenty. It didn't do mankind any good.

McSpotlight: Vala, did you see that Disclaimer on the index page - the one that said "abusive or irrelevant posts will be rejected"? Your post isn't irrelevant, but it is verging on the edge of tolerable with regard to abusiveness. Try to tone it down a bit, no matter how strongly you may feel.

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