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where can I find these same documents elsewhere?

Posted by: Haise ( USA ) on February 02, 1999 at 12:46:40:

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: And if McD's can't stop "rainforest beef" being used in their burgers, then why did they try to sue people for saying that rainforest beef was used in their hamburgers?

There seem to be all kinds of court documents at McSpotlight to support your claims, but where can I find these same documents elsewhere? It seems to me that if one were motivated enough, they could fabricate all this evidence. I don't really understand this McLibel case either. How exactly did it get started and what is the point of it? I've never heard of it before. Are newspaper articles available on the web about this case (the London paper or something like that)?

McSpotlight: Well, you can obtain full court transcripts from the UK legal system, but they do cost thousands of pounds. Or you can find them here

All of the press clippings in the Media section are also public record; if you contact the media companies concerned they will send you copies, thought they will also probably charge a small fee.

All of the books and reports quoted also have the titles and authors named; ask your local bookshop for them or try a big online store like Amazon (a fairly popular book on the subject is "McLibel: Burger Culture on Trial" by John Vidal (Environment editor of The Guardian newspaper). You can find a review of the book by a bookshop linked to amazon.com here (and we have nothing to do with that review in any way).

The evidence is rather too voluminous for us to fabricate; the court transcripts alone run to some 30,000 pages!

The best summary on the case though, we have to say, lies in this site. You could try reading the story of the case here - it should give you a background on how McLibel came to happen.

But to summarize; all of the evidence is a matter of public record and court transcripts; you can obtain it all independently. We've just put it onto a site (and a CD-ROM!) so you don't have to.

Rex, McSpotlight.

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