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so we should all move into the open shelter or what?

Posted by: drive thru girl on February 03, 1999 at 12:56:46:

In Reply to: its too much a faustian pact. posted by vala on February 02, 1999 at 12:12:55:


so we should all resort to selling pumpkins on the road side before we even consider working at mcdonalds?

this might work for you, but what about those of us who have more ambitious goals? $3.00 per pumpkin isn't going to cut it. i can tell you now that i couldn't have kept up with my bills and payed for school on pumpkins alone.

further more, how would homelessness NOT become an issue if all mcdonalds workers were to heed to your advice and quit burger world? i for one don't want to be tripping over them (and their pumpkin stands) on my way to work every morning.

vala, the evils of which you speak are not the spawn of mc donalds workers. they are evils brought about by the entire human race, of which you are a part of. in fact mcdonalds is a very indirect route for you to pin the blame on(especially the kitchen workers). mc donalds doesnt hack their way into the rain forrests of africa! you have it all backwards! the land is destroyed before mcdonalds is built there. mcdonalds follows the land development, not the other way around!

besides, it's the customers who keep mcdonalds in bussiness, not the employees. and i imagine you must eat there if you cringe every time you hear one of them talk.

there are worse ways to make a living than fast food. at least fast food is honest work.

well, it's been a pleasure talking to you, but it's time for my herpes medication.


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