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Vegetarianism, Poverty and MacDonalds

Posted by: Joćo Miguel Aliano ( Brazil ) on February 04, 1999 at 19:48:44:

Of course no one in their right mind would condone L.G's brainwashing "prompt", but the main point of the MacDonalds appeal based on cartoons, or any piece of marketing directed to children for that matter remains. In addition, the Brazilian branch of MacDonalds, for example, is continuosly expanding not for the quality of its products (how naive can vegetarians be!), but simply because in a country taken by social unrest and growing poverty, middle and lower class children and teenagers see it as a haven of American neatness. I cannot tell how much true the allegations of London Greenpeace are. All I know is what the 60 minutes news showed. What I know and have experienced is the unhealthiness of Mac food, the reciprocity of love and appeal between children and Big Mac and a great number of underpayed, underaged workers grabing a job. No, it's not MacDonald's businness if those are the jobs available for Brazilians. Right? It's just reinforcing the same circumstances, only with merciless apetite and greed. Never mind the grease and saturated fat!!!

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