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spoiled children

Posted by: drive thru girl on February 05, 1999 at 14:40:12:

dear mcdonalds readers,

in the mcD's literature, or actually, the anti-mcD's literature, they always point out that mcdonalds caters to children, through happy meals, toys, clown suits,etc, etc. making it impossible to drive past a mcdonalds without stopping to get something for the kids.

i don't get it. why can't parents just tell thier kids NO anymore and leave it at that? if parents don't want thier kids to eat by-products and soybean meal, why can't they just say 'no' to mcdonalds?

if parents know something is bad for thier kids, i would think that they have a responsibility to steer their kids away from it.

i don't have any brats of my own, but maybe some parents out there can enlighten me on this.


McSpotlight: It's not easily understandable by non-parents (I'm not a parent either); however, children do have a massive influence over their parents; a trip to McD's will frequently be used as a reward for "being good"

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