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It is no good just arguing in forums such as this.

Posted by: starfish ( Asia ) on February 05, 1999 at 16:02:15:

In Reply to: very unpleasant indeed. posted by Grillboy on February 01, 1999 at 15:42:26:

: :i hope you catch aids and die. Or at least herpes.

: *cringes* dying of herpes sounds very unpleasant indeed.

This is not really in response to anything that anybody has said but i am just totally amazed by the way that certain people are expressing their feeling (i am sure you know who i mean!). I do not agree with McDonalds for any reason but to put blame on the people that work there! Oh my god!! I think that if you really do care about the environment you should start to do something about it but first of all find ways of expressing your feelings that are not going to offend people but still is informative and gets the message across.

There are many organisations and green groups in most countries that can help you to do this and give you background information. DO IT!! It is no good just arguing in forums such as this.
(By the way i think the people who have been running this site have been doing a brilliant job!..keep up the good work)

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