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Give them something that's healthy and tastes good

Posted by: Damien on February 10, 1999 at 12:55:47:

In Reply to: cutting Mc Donalds from their lives would by far have severe negative effects on children. posted by alexa on February 09, 1999 at 19:35:54:

Children will eat what tastes good. Whether that's fish, chicken,
beef, pork, salad, fruit, etc. Give them something that's healthy and tastes good, and they'll be just as happy as they are with hamburgers. You'll be helping them learn healthy habits in the process. There's no reason a healthy place cannot have the parties, play areas, happy meals, and so forth. Children don't have to lose out on anything--but health problems. The challenge is for someone out there to create a healthy menu and offer it just as existing fast-food places do. It can be done, only I don't see it happening yet. Another challenge is for parents to give healthy food a shot for once, instead of assuming that their kids won't like it (parents often don't like it). Parents are usually the ones who introduce McDonald's to their kids. Parents are often the ones who tell kids what tastes good and doesn't taste so good. It's too bad parents don't feel that they have any responsiblity to teach their kids good eating habits. If not parents, then who?

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