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not even a company like mcdonalds can buy out anyone!

Posted by: shaun ( lily , australia ) on February 11, 1999 at 11:06:49:

In Reply to: Save Our Pub posted by David on February 10, 1999 at 18:29:36:

: In Hinchley Wood near Esher in Surrey McDonalds own the lease to the pub. The local residents don't want McDonalds but McDonalds just don't care. They say it is a local issue but it is not as they have over 200 pubs already. They could soon be in your local pub distroying your village. McDonalds don't care. The residents have Caravans on the site. To get the Caravans off McDonalds will have to go to court.

: The campaign is still going and will continue even if or when McDonalds opens up. If anyone has any Ideas on what we can do please leave a reply to this message

: Thank you to everyone for there surport.

a pud near my suberb almost was destroyed by mcdonlads ,they even offerd 9 million dolers for it , but the publican said NO!
my sugestion is try thr heritage act (i dont now if you have it but in my country if a building is more then 25 years old the you can not desroy it and i dont think mcd's want a pub enviroment for its poeple,or should i say zombies)ask (which you may have done) you local council,on building laws , and the rights of the town poeple if you can get enough votes somthing might happen,(just remember helen and david (greenpeace)
have shown that not even a company like mcdonalds can buy out anyone!
good luck!

McSpotlight: Helen and David actually belong to London Greenpeace not Greenpeace International; the two groups are not connected...

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