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Stupid idiot at BK today

Posted by: Shaun ( Burger King, USA ) on February 15, 1999 at 13:11:06:

There is nothing I hate more than a wrong customer who acts abusively to other customers and crew, and that is just what happened today at work. A guy came in and asked if we could make his Whopper with pink inside by speeding up the Broiler chain. (Julie- has anyone ever asked you to do that?)In my 5 years, this is only the second time someone asked us that that I can remember. The cashier told him sorry but all burgers must be cooked at a certain temperature and with no pink inside, to assure safety. He didn't want to believe it, so he came to me and the other manager there and we told him what the cashier told him. If we cooked him his Whopper less than we should, what would happen if he got sick and died because he ate undercooked meat at BK? We would be sued and I would be fired. I apologized to him and explained that to him. It is for his own safety after all. Then he goes about saying how last week he was here and we allowed him to have a pink inside Whopper, which I knew was a lie. No Burger King would ever do that. Then he goes on and on about how it "My way right away". Of course it is, I know that. That means we will put anything on your sandwich you want. More than 50% of the Whoppers we sell are special orders for our customers. That is what makes BK better than it's competitors. We will even prepare really weird orders like a sandwich on two bottom buns, a sandwich with no buns but served in a box with a knife and fork, chicken tenders with marinara sauce and melted mozzarella (Italian chicken-tenders) Whopper with swiss instead of American cheese, tomatoes on breakfast sandwiches etc... the list goes on and on. We do our best to get the customer what they want in a friendly manner.But we will not speed up the broiler so you can have an undercooked burger. So then the guy starts cursing and threatning to sue and that he'll be back with a laywer etc... so we just laughed after he left. He pretty much wasted our time when we could have been serving customers

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