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Green Mackkas for the Olympics....Nuh!!!

Posted by: GEDSKI ( Australia of the GREEN Olympics??? ) on February 15, 1999 at 17:34:21:

I feel I need to quote a few lines from an article I read in the 'Green Left Weekly' publication of Feb 12 1999, by Jim Green.....The article is titled The Olympic Greenwash, and makes reference to pollution at the Olympic site due to its industrial history, and how we are supposed to be having a green games to
"....become a model for the ecologically sustainable city for the 21st century. Sydney is pioneering the environment of the future".. Blah Blah.........
Anyway Greenpeace is the watch dog over local Olympic bodies and surprise surprise, McDonalds has been referred to...

"..The business groups were particularly critical of guidelines limiting the use of PVC. the environmental guidelines for the Olympics say that PVC should be minimised and avoided if possible. However, PVC has been used for construction at the Olympic site, and Greenpeace's efforts to get Olympic sponsors such as Telstra(Phone Co.) and Westpac(Bank) to find alternatives to PVC have been largely unsuccessful.

Similarly, Greenpeace has been unable to persuade McDonalds, an Olympic sponsor, to switch to re-usable rather than disposable packaging and cutlery."

Well that probably doesnt surprise anyone, but I thought it was worth spreading the info around..If you want more info on Green Left Weekly you could try their website...

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