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There is more than just Mc. D.s.

Posted by: James Earl ( CANADA ) on February 16, 1999 at 10:50:51:

In Reply to: Peple who work in Mc Donalds don't have any moral disposition posted by vala on January 27, 1999 at 12:47:18:

: I know that Mc Spotlight talks about the abuse handed out to Mc Donalds employees and the hostile enviroment they are forced to work in, and whilst i agree with all the other points against mc Donalds, the clause about unfair treatment to workers does nothing to stir me.
: Peple who work in Mc Donalds don't have any moral disposition, its as simple as that. As far as im concerned they don't deserve any better. You dont have to be a genius to spot the school drops out in any mc donalds store, and the minute they open their mouth it strikes you haow dim witted they really are. They dont deserve better, efforts of union organisation are wasted on such pathetic examples of humanity.

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: McSpotlight: Isn't that a rather unsympathetic view on people who are your fellow human beings?

I don't think that people who work at Mc Ds are any more less moral than those churches that hold hunts, and the Government that allows people to go hunt bears, orfaning cubs. There is more than just Mc. D.s. It is society as well. We have lost our moral stand on things. We have put to much emphaisis in letting single people survive, but what about our EARTH?

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