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Posted by: drive thru girl on February 17, 1999 at 10:38:42:

In Reply to: this child like ego is the cookie syndrome posted by shaun on February 12, 1999 at 12:10:12:

: everyone, no matter how old,or how young, will always remember when their parents said no to something , it feals shity, you dont know why they won't give it to you,....


i don't agree with you on this. as for me, i hold no grudges. when i look back to the times my parents said 'no', i now can understand and appreciate that it was for my own good and my own protection. i also feel advantaged to have had such strong parents.

when i moved out my mother gave me one of her old cook books and taped in the back was a poem she had clipped out years ago about a mother's love. the very last line goes: "i loved you enough to say 'no' even when i knew you hated me for it."

if a parent thinks that mcD's is THAT evil, and if they have sound reasons for their belief, i don't see why they can't explain thier reasons to their kids. even if the kid doesn't understand the reason right now, i think you are underestimating your kids if you think they will never be able to grasp the concept. if a temper tantrum is all it takes for a parent to lower his or her standards, i would think that person to be a flimsy and in-effective parent. giving in to tantrums only encourages more tantrums.

there are other way to reward kids besides mcdonald's, isn't there? i can remember quite a few things i enjoyed as a tot over a happy meal.

sorry for the harsh words, but they are truly my feelings.


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