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Posted by: Shaun ( Burger King, USA ) on February 17, 1999 at 10:43:20:

In Reply to: How can you say you are healthy? posted by James Earl on February 16, 1999 at 10:58:28:

: How can you say you are 'health conscience'? Consumption of meat has been shown to increase your chances of getting all types of cancer, and heart disease.

blah blah blah...so on and so forth

:Fast food restraruants have caused much of the obesity in the north american populace. How can you say you are healthy? Sure we may not catch food poisoning, ect., but just the fact that Burger King does not serve any vegetarian options

Well if a salad isn't a vegetarian option, than what is? We also sell Veggie burgers with no meat.

:shows the don't give a damn about the health of their customers, and only want to pass health inspections.

the reason we want to pass health inspections is because we care about the customers. Believe me, you'd rather eat meat served in a clean, safe envirnment like Burger King the rest of your life than a vegetarian dish served in a vegetarian restaurant that may be a dump crawling with germs. Major restaurant chains like Burger King and McDonalds far exceed the minimum health and safety standards that the law has us obey. We have our own standards that are much higher. Those "mom and pop" restaurants and many smaller restaurant chains do not have thier own safety guidelines they just simply do no more than the law makes them do, and many of them (of course not all) are filthy germ-ridden bacteria traps that I or any other BK or McD manager would probably faint if I ever saw. Half of the Chinese and pizza restaurants I visit make me want to throw up when I see what condition the kitchen is in and how they make thier food.

P.S. I never said that fast food is healthy!! We all know that it is high in calories and fat!! That is no problem if you don't eat it at every meal and you excercise regularly. What I am saying is that the conditions at most major fast food places are healthy. So when you visit BK or McD you don't have to worry about eating food that is crawling with germs or food that will make you sick.

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