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I loved your letter

Posted by: shaun ( lily, australia ) on February 18, 1999 at 15:49:59:

In Reply to: Disagreed. posted by drive thru girl on February 17, 1999 at 10:38:42:

dear dtg,
I loved your letter,i never said i had children, i know your qusetion was directed at parents,i was just making an apinion ,

this is the sweetist thing i have ever heard

: when i moved out my mother gave me one of her old cook books and taped in the back was a poem she had clipped out years ago about a mother's love. the very last line goes: "i loved you enough to say 'no' even when i knew you hated me for it."

"i loved you enough to say 'no' even when i knew you hated me for it."
i agree hole hartedly , whem i become a parent one day,(and i hope i do)
i will not be afriad to say no when i think its needed,my children will know all about the foul plastict that feed millions every day
and i will let them make mistakes,
its was only me and my mom realy,(when growing up)and iam glad my self she said no to me it has made me a stronger person,and a lot more patient,
its just that most of the poeple i see or know are young parents who are children them selfs,and so i guess the child like ego can be directed at them


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