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People love to complain about fast-food. But who really wants to listen to it?

Posted by: Haise ( USA ) on February 22, 1999 at 15:45:03:

In Reply to: where can i file a complaint about a specific McDonalds resturant posted by mona poulin on February 12, 1999 at 11:14:09:

: i have a complaint about the franchise in belfast maine and have been getting the run arround on the net the coporate office has no place to9 e-mail a complaint. could someone help me?

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: McSpotlight: It's that same old question again. They don't have a complaints contact; the only thing you can really do is send a letter to your head office.

They probably don't have a complaints contact because 99% of the calls and letters would be idiots running their fool heads off about how their order was incorrect or they didn't get enough ketchup. Where would MCD find employees to sit all day and put up with these people? Then these same fools expect something to be done about it, but people aren't perfect, so the next time their order gets messed up, they go back to the complaints office (probably with a knife) and start making threats. Next thing you know you have 50 idiots and a greedy lawyer suing MCD because the drive-thru employees are not 100% perfect.

People love to complain about fast-food. But who really wants to listen to it? If there is actual substance to this complaint, wouldn't you take it to a lawyer and file suit? Or if it isn't a crime, write the head office like McSpotlight suggested. Or you could go straight to international headquarters.

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