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McDonald's does not use an olfactary sense stimulating device

Posted by: Graham ( McD, Canada ) on March 04, 1999 at 11:11:44:

In Reply to: This might help posted by shaun on February 26, 1999 at 11:38:26:

: : I am seeking information concerning additives in the food served at McDonalds. I've never really had a problem with McDonalds as an organization, but it's sort of starting to look like I'm addicted to the food. What is going on here? Is it the "Fry Smell" (smell, I've heard, has strong links with memory)? People are likely going to think that I'm being rediculous, but I am utterly serious when I say that I think I have a problem. I need to find out more before I eat my way to a heart attack!

: This might help
: Hear is a site that may help (http://www.olen/food/)

: Mcdonalds is all additive,plus water,
: the addiction you may have is due to addvertsing,and the fact that mcdonlads use mind control,the yellow of mcdonalds tell your brain it is hungary(even if not),the red of mcdonlads tells the brain to drink,(or that it is thirsty)coulors change the brains mood(red-thirsty or angry)blue-calm or easyly susceptible to ideas,yellow-happy or hungary,grey( its a tone but still it works)slow or uncalm,black-depresd or thinking of death,and so-on

: :they are also like most supermarkets,they pump the small( a man made smell)into the street,or the shop its self,of the product that they sell(even though,it smells nothing like the food)super markets use freshly baked cookie smells,or bread smells to intise your brian to eat
: (remember when in a large supermarket,the lights in each lane(aisle) ,are brightened to a piont were insted of blinking 38 time a minute
: you blink only 14 times a minute,its not much to notice but it make you up to three time more suseptible to the subliminal messages
: and the mostly sold products are 45 digrese diaganal down on the shelf,this is the most perfect position for your eyes to see at more comfitable position ,you shop more when you don't have to think(thanks kodac

I don't know if you are deliberately ignorant or just misinformed but McDonald's does not use an olfactary sense stimulating device of any kind. Did you just hear this or are you making it up? At least do a minimal amount of research before you make claims labeled as facts.


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