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Posted by: Kris S. ( USA ) on March 04, 1999 at 11:15:09:

I heard that meal worms were/are thrown into the hamburger patties, and sawdust into the milkshakes. I also heard that McDonalds has a silent partnership with a logging company that plows rainforests. Is this all true? Please e-mail me the response, because I'd really like to know. Thanks


Mealworms: false, as far as we know, though it's a widespread rumour.

Sawdust: Ditto the above.

Logging: Not as far as we know. What they do do is buy up ex-rainforest land and use it to produce beef, forcing the local people to cut down more forest to produce their own food. There is evidence that shows the McDonald's uses ex-rainforest land for its cattle.

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